Saturday, 27 September 2014

Some Olily products

Today I went to such a pretty store here in Belgium. I needed to buy somethig for a friend of mine so I was just looking around a bit. Everytime I am in that store I want to take lots and lots of pictures. Because everything looks just so pretty. But of course I forgot my camera so I couldn't. But I bought some things (as you can see) and I really enjoyed taking pictures of it.

First I bought this little lip balm with the beautiful flower on it. If you look closely you can see that the flower goes from the top to the bottom. I don't know, I suddenly noticed that and I thought It might be fun to show. Then I saw this pretty soap laying there. I thought it might look very good if you give those both as a present. To finish it all I bought the little box. 

I can tell you all that I loved taking pictures of this things. (as I already said ;) ) It all looks so good and pretty together and I can  also tell you that I almost felt like a  real photographer because I build a whole set. (haha) 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A little drawing

Me when I have an idea
You might have already seen this little sketchbook in my previous post but I think it just looks so pretty in photos. That I thought I should show you again but than with a little drawing in it.(because it is a little book.)

 I love to start in new fresh sketchbooks. You see the blank pages in the book and know that is going to be full soon. I just love to fill in all of them and watch it years later again. I don't know it's just fun. To see what you where thinking an feeling at that moment you drew it. ;)

I thought to draw myself at the moment I have an idea. I don't know why but it looked fun to me to try. Sometimes it is really hard to find an idea to draw or for something else and I wanted to show you the moment of joy you have when you finally got it.

I hope you all had a nice day!
And I will write soon! :)

Monday, 22 September 2014

September favorites

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't post in a while. I was very busy. But now that I am back, I really want to show you some things I bought this month and that I really loved. Of course I am not going to show you everything but just a few.

The first thing that I am going to start with is this little black sketchbook. (the book that looks huge in this picture) I am so in love with it. It is just so small and cute. First it was a little book for school but the teacher said that we didn't needed it so now it is whole mine. And I am so happy! I love to write all my ideas and drawings in it.

This little pink nail polish that you see in this picture is one of my favorites. I love everything about it. The color and just how it looks. Maybe I am weird but I also use my nail polish as decoration. I think it looks really nice on a desk... I don't know maybe it's just me. ;)

I actually bought this little necklace late August, but because I really loved it and I wanted to show you. I thought why not post it. I searched for this kind of necklace everywhere, so I am really happy that I finally found it. Sometimes you see people walking on the street with just a really simple little necklace and you think you really want it. And then you go looking for it and you just can't find it anywhere. That is exactly what happened to me a few months ago. But I am happy that I finally found it!

Two days ago I went to Ikea. A big store where they sell all kind of furniture, but also lots and lots of candles. So I couldn't leave the store without one. But it smells amazing. Like vanilla. It's just my favorite fragrance. It also has been proven that the fragrance vanilla makes people happy. (I am not sure if that is true.) But if you want to buy a scented candle I recommend  vanilla.

I am going to write you all soon!
So make sure to keep an eye on my blog;)