Monday, 28 July 2014

shoe inspiration

Hi everyone! I don't know if you love shoes but I am just obsessed with it. I've seen so many pictures of shoes that look so good and today I wanted to share that with you. They are a bit of inspiration for me when I go shopping for a new pair. I hope you like them too! 

Let me know which one you prefere the most. ;)

Monday, 21 July 2014

A few sketches

Hi! I want to tell you that I am really enjoying the free days. It's not that I've done a lot of things. Most of the time I am just watching a movie or sitting in front of my laptop watching video's on youtube. ( believe me: it is just so addictive to watch little vlogs or video's of youtubers.) Sometimes I say to myself: 'Only one video', and then I say: 'Na, just a few more...' I am a terrible person, I know. :)

Today I wanted to show you a few sketches that I made during the vacation. I don't know if you guys know but I am just obsessed with drawing characters and giving them their own personality. For example an old grumpy grandpa, a young macho dude... I love to make clear to people what the characters are like. 

This are some sketches I drew in a sketchbook I bought for drawing and writing my memories in of my vacation. So as you can see in the other pictures, I wrote some stuff about the day. Believe me, It's not super intelligent what I wrote down. I just wanted to describe the place and the feeling of being there. 

Here are a few other pictures :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rainy day

Hi, how are you doing? The weather here in Belgium was so cold and rainy, so I thought to do a rainy-outfit kinda post. I have been looking forward to post something new on my blog but I had some really busy days and didn't had the time to write. But now I finally have. 

I am enjoying my free days at the most. I have planned so many things to do. In a few days me and my family are going to the Ardens. (Something that I really look forward to.) I am going to let you know how it was. :) 

Here are a few other pictures of my outfit.
Me posing :)

I hope you guys loved this post. You can always leave a comment if you did. Lot's of love and I will write soon. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Today's outfit

Because I went on a trip to Germany today, I have chosen for a comfortable outfit. It was so warm. I love the fact that everything looks so different in Germany. The houses, fashion,... But it was so fun and beautiful! 
Jacket: mango
shorts: new look
black T-shirt: h&m
shirt: h&m