Friday, 27 June 2014

Memory book

I have been thinking for a long time to make a blog. And I finally came to the decision to make one. Now the vacation is finally started I thought to show you something which I make every year. It's sort of a memory book. I am the kind of person who really loves looking at pictures and reading things you wrote a long time ago. Just because it has a lot of memories. A week ago I bought this big black book in an artshop here in Antwerp. I saw it and it was love at the first sight. No I am just kidding but I like that this book is simple. Like they say: "less is more".

Everytime I go somewhere I take a picture, put it into this book and write a little about what I was doing at that moment. Also when I am bored I take it and draw a bit in it. Your drawing doesn't have to be super good or anything. It is just funny to see a few months or years later and thinking about that moment when you were so bored.

Lots of kisses and I will write soon. 

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